Acoustic Bevel Absorption Foam, 2" x 24" x 24", 12-Panels, White

Acoustic Bevel Absorption Foam, 2" x 24" x 24", 12-Panels, White


  • $ 349.99
  • Save $ 150

White Bevel Flat Panels are 2" x 2' x 2' panels made of our industry-leading Studio foam and offer great absorption of mid to high frequencies. The edges are beveled, contributing to an elegant look not normally associated with acoustic foam. The panels can be installed easily and arranged in a multitude of attractive patterns.



Disclaimer: Foam will fade within days of package opening due to air exposure. If you wish for the foam to remain white we recommend to spray paint it. 



Flat Panel are equally at home in a recording studio or a home theater, offering a unique, sophisticated look and a cost-effective choice for accurate sound.

 acoustically-engineered to provide accurate sound in small and medium sized rooms. Selection is made easy with the chart below, providing you with wall/ceiling coverage of 25 to 50%...coverage critical for great, accurate acoustics. The various components and color options allow you to create a world-class sonic environment with great aesthetics at a very reasonable price. Installation is easy, and as always, the Application Specialists will be glad to assist you in selecting the correct solution for your needs. 

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