Soundproof Foam Acoustical Pyramid Foam Sheet 2" X 48" X 96" ( 1 Sheet )


  • $ 79.99
  • Save $ 70

48 x 96 x 2) Inch Charcoal Color Acoustical Pyramid Foam 2 inch pyramid foam is effective against standing waves and flutter echoes in most small-to-medium sized rooms like vocal booths, control rooms and studios.

It also functions as a full-frequency bandwidth absorber for any size room when used in conjunction with corner bass absorbers and male/female broadband absorbers.Please allow 5 to 6 business day for tracking to update. Our Acoustical foam products are cut and packaged at the time of order in order to provide a top quality product. Acoustical foam that is packaged for long periods can become deformed over time.

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