Soundproof Foam Professional Acoustic Sound Foam Kit, Incl. 96 Sqft. 2-in. Thick Wedge Foam and 8 Corner Bass Traps


  • $ 499.99
  • Save $ 300

This kit includes 96 square feet of 2-inch Wedge foam in 24-inch by 24-inch panels, and 8 corner bass traps2-inch Wedge-shaped acoustic foam is best for absorbing unwanted sound, as well as dispersing standing waves, and is a and is a premium-quality, yet cost-effective solution2-inch Wedge foam, covering 25-50 percent of the walls in your room, combined with corner bass traps, will provide a well-controlled, pleasant and balanced listening environmentThe acoustic panels are shipped rolled and vacuum-packed for efficiency. Just open the bag and let the foam return to its original shape for up to 24 hours.

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