Soundproof Foam Professional Acoustics Foam Ivory Acoustic Foam (48 Pack Kit) - Pyramid and Wedge 2" 24" X 24" - Soundproofing/blocking/absorbing Acoustical Foam - Made in the Usa!

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Product Description 48 Pack Special! 2" Thick x 24" x 24" IVORY Color - High NRC Rating of .71 Pyramid and Wedge - Made in the USA! !!!!!NOTICE!!!! Please be advise that this foam will change color with time. We cut this foam fresh from a big Blocks of foam. At the time of cutting is white. It might not remain white if it is exposed to any light. Recording studios usually do not use that much lighting around. Before making a purchase please make sure you are agreeing to this. We will not issue refunds after purchase that claim that color has been change. Thanks